Clouds and flavour, that’s why people drip! Drippers (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) are a style of atomizer that allows full flavour and vapour production with the versatility of not sticking to one flavour. How? There is no tank section to these, you drip directly onto the wick and vape away.

Dripping might sound complicated, but it’s really easy. All you have to do is to add a few drops of e-liquid directly into your e-cigarette’s atomizer to enjoy a full, clean flavour with consistent vapour production. To do this, you place a drip tip over the atomizer to create a channel for the e-liquid to flow through. Why would you do this? Imagine e-smoking with no filler material inside a cartridge or cartomizer. These attachments have so much filler inside to hold the e-liquid in place that much of the vapour the heating coil creates never actually reaches your mouth. By switching to an atomizer and drip tip, you can boost your vapour production instantly without buying an expensive new e-cigarette.

Do you love to try new flavours as often as your budget allows? If you use a cartridge or cartomizer, that’s impossible unless you fill a new one each time you try a new flavour. That’s an inconvenient proposition with cartridges, and it’s expensive with cartomisers. With an atomizer and drip tip, you can change flavours any time you like by simply flushing out the atomizer with the new e-liquid.

When you acquire a knack for doing it, e-cigarette dripping is a reliable and satisfying way to make your e-smoking experience your own.

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